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At Redgrape Business Services we design, build, operate and support solutions across the Direct Wines IT landscape. Our current focus is to strategically transform the systems landscape to interact with the customers.

As Direct Wines’ business evolves, so will the IT landscape and the solutions supporting it.

Direct Wines believes in going ‘direct’ to the customers and harnesses the power of the omni-channel approach to achieve this. As a result, IT becomes the key player in the evolution of the organization.

The services we provide enable the businesses we support to efficiently manage key functions including order management (encompassing e-commerce websites, inbound and outbound call centre operations), order fulfillment, procurement, planning & forecasting, warehouse management operations, financial management, global compliance and risk management.

Our Technology stack includes:

  • Packaged Applications
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Digital Commerce
  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance
  • Infrastructure Support