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Our Culture

At Redgrape we foster a diverse and inclusive environment in two primary ways: recognition of the unique strengths and value that people from all over the world bring to the company and the creation of strategic alliances that help to contribute to employee growth and success.

We value skills and experience, and we offer benefits and compensation that are competitive with other IT companies. In addition, we reward performance – by the company, the team, and the individual.

We provide employees with career advancement opportunities, great benefits, and a comfortable work environment. In some positions and locations, we offer the opportunity to have flexible work hours and to work from home.

We believe that people are our biggest asset and so it’s key we have a clear culture in place that can help enrich the way we work together. Therefore we have a set of core values we strive to work towards:

  • We value our people as the key to delivering excellent IT services and solutions
  • We maintain a high degree of integrity and ethics
  • We foster open communication and collaboration
  • We encourage teamwork and mutual respect
  • We encourage a flexible working environment
  • We clearly define policies, procedures and standards
  • We use resources effectively
  • Quality customer service is at the heart of what we do
  • Our culture is fantastic – positive, exciting, informed, innovative and entrepreneurial